Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Ship has Set Sail

Are the storm clouds gathering?  Is the wind blowing?  Is the thunder rolling?  Is the lightening striking?  Is the rain falling?  If you find yourself in the midst of a storm today, then take hold of God and hang on.  Take heart, God will calm the storm.
In Acts, chapter 27, Paul boarded a ship that was sailing to Rome.  Unfortunately, Paul wasn’t onboard because of his own free will.  Instead, Paul was being held as a prisoner.      
On the way to Rome, Paul’s ship faced a violent storm.  The wind was blowing so hard, that the ship was being tossed to and fro.  The wind caused the ship to venture along a different path.  The raging waves beat against the sides of the ship.  The ship began to fall apart piece by piece.   
The sailors did everything they could to keep the ship together.  They tied cables around the ship to keep it in tacked.  They tossed cargo overboard to lighten the weight of the ship.  Unfortunately, nothing they did helped. 
For the next eleven days, the ship continued to be beaten by the wind and waves.  Little by little, water began to seep into the ship.  Eventually, the ship began to sink. 
At this point, the sailors began to lose all hope in saving the ship.  They also lost hope in saving their own lives as well.  These sailors failed to realize that there was a godly man onboard with them.  This godly man was Paul.  He had complete faith in God.  He knew that God was with them and would help them through the storm. 
Do you feel like those same sailors?  Unlike the sailors, don’t just throw up your hands because you have given up.  Rather, throw up your hands to God.  God is our shelter.  He will protect us from the storm.   
Do you feel like there’s no hope?  Well, there is hope, and this hope comes from God.  When you put your hope in God, he will be like an anchor for your ship.  God will not allow your ship to drift from its path.  Like an anchor, he will keep your ship steady.                
Do you feel your ship being tossed to and fro by the wind?  If you do, God will not let the wind carry you away.  Like the wind blows across the ocean, God will carry you through the storm.  You will soar above it.      
Do you feel the waves beating against your ship?  Well, God can calm the raging seas in your life.  If Jesus can calm a violent storm at sea, then he can calm any storm in your life. 
Do you feel like the storm is bigger than your ship?  Just remember, God is bigger and stronger than any storm.  God’s power is able to lift you above any storm.  God has so much power that he can bring you through a storm unharmed.  He can bring you back to the shore safely. 
Do you feel your ship beginning to sink?  If so, you must stand firm and God will not allow your ship to sink.  If you do this, then God will give you the strength you need to walk across the water.

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