Tuesday, February 5, 2013

God, Soak me in the Ocean of your Love

As I stand along the endless shore, I can feel the warm sun gently caressing my skin.  The summer breeze sweeps in and wraps itself around my body.  When I close my eyes, I can feel the ocean’s mist gently kissing my face.  As I wipe my face with my warm hand, I am reminded of your warm embrace. 
God, your love is like an ocean, I can measure its depth, but I can never measure its length.  As I gaze out over the vast ocean, the water reaches as far as my eyes can see.  It’s as if the sky and ocean are one.  God, it’s like your love, it goes on forever and ever. 
Like a mighty ocean, your love is so peaceful, but yet so powerful.  I get lost in the gentle rocking of the waves.  God, this is a soothing reminder of the power of your love, the love that never fails me. 
Countless times, I have found myself out in the middle of the ocean, like a wave being tossed to and fro.  However, I suddenly remember that I’m surrounded by your love.  I can feel you all around me.  Like the ocean’s breeze, you will carry me into the deepest part of your love. 
Many times I have left the security of the beach and dove into the mystery of your love.  When I get tired of swimming, I just let go.  I suddenly feel the ocean’s current pulling me away.  God, this is like the draw of your love.  It draws me deeper and deeper in.  That’s where I discover your beauty. 
Like an ocean, your love is beautiful and strong.  Not only are you beautiful from the surface, but there is more beauty to be found from within. 
As I stand in awe of your beauty, I can hear the sound of the crashing waves hitting against the endless shore.  As the waves roll in, I get lost in the low murmuring tone of the oceans song.  It’s the constant rhythm of your love. 
Through the rhythm of the waves, I can hear your voice.  Sometimes it’s like a gentle whisper.  Other times, it’s like a strong roar.  Your voice lures me into the water.  It pulls me in and overwhelms me.  Your love refreshes me.            
When I sit at the water’s edge, the gentle waves lap up against me.  I can feel the cool water wash over my feet.  God, it’s like your love flows peacefully over me.  This reminds me of your grace.  Your grace is like a strong and cleansing tide that flows in and covers me.  Like the ocean’s tide, your grace rolls in and washes me clean.

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