Monday, October 28, 2013

My Everything

I love you God! You’re my hope, my anchor, and my rock!  You have always been steadfast in faithfulness towards me.  You have never turned your face away from me.  You have made my heart your home.  Oh Lord, how great you are! 
When pain and suffering have inflicted me, You Lord, have been my strength.  When I’ve been weary, you have been the source of my life.  Oh Lord, you’re my light, my joy, and my song!  I will always praise you.  I will always give thanks to you Lord, for all the wonders you have shown me.  
With your great love, you have made the heavens and the earth.  With a great desire, you have made me like you.  With your great compassion, you watch over me.  With your great mercy, you have forgiven me.  You have robed me in the robe of your righteousness.  Oh Lord, how amazing you are!  How great is your love!  It endures forever and ever! 
When I’m weak, you are my strength.  When I’m in battle, you are my defender.  You always set my feet on solid ground.  You are my protection.  You always keep me safe.  I love you God.  You’re my King, my life, and my breath!  All I am, I find in you.  Oh Lord, how wonderful is your love! 
When darkness surrounds me, I do not fear, you will rescue me.  When I’m frustrated, I don’t give up, I wait patiently on you.  You always hear me when I cry out for you.  Lord, I trust in your mercy and love!      
Oh God, I love you!  You’re my refuge, my strong tower, and my fortress!  You cover me with your wings.  Under the shelter of them, I find comfort.  You have made my soul your temple.  You have made my spirit your holy dwelling place.  Your love is a lamp to my feet, and a light upon my path.  You never leave or forsake me.  
Oh Lord, there is none like you!  You care for me like no other.  I will always follow you.  You alone are God.  You are always faithful. 
Oh Lord, how amazing is your tender mercy!  You’re my strength, my courage, and my fountain of life!  It’s your praise that I place before everything else.  Your praise sustains my soul.  It lifts my spirit.  How great you are my Lord! 
With all I am, I love you!  I never want to leave you!  I never want to live without your love!  I will always give thanks to you for all you have given me.  Oh Lord, how great you are!  I love you God, and I always will!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lord, this is peace

Here I am, you’re beloved

Lying face down at your feet.

With my eyes shut, face pressed to the ground

You reach down for me.

You lift my head

Holding my face, wiping my tears away.

I can hear you

Whispering your grace.

Opening my eyes, seeing your face

Lost in your beauty.

Falling in your precious embrace

Breathing in your fragrance

The taste of your goodness.

Lord, this is where I want to be

Here, with you

In the silence

Here, in the stillness


This is peace.