Monday, March 11, 2013

I Can See The Light

Last week, the video team and I videotaped my testimony.  While I was preparing for it, my mind kept coming back to the idea of spiritual sight.  So, I thought I would share what God revealed to me.

Seven years ago, I accepted Christ into my life.  This happened during the same time that I went totally blind.  During that time, I realized that I wasn’t just physically blind, but I was spiritually blind too.  With this realization, I began to pray that God would open up my eyes, so that I would see him more clearly.  At that moment, I accepted Christ into my life.  When I did this, I knew that I went from being spiritually blind to having spiritual sight.  Even though I live in darkness, I can see the light of the world which is Jesus Christ.  Even though I am physically blind, I can spiritually see God.  I can clearly see him.  It’s like seeing God with 20/20 vision.  Being physically blind, I can not see God’s visible creation, such as, the sky, the grass, or the trees.  But to me, these things are not as important as what I can spiritually see.  Having spiritual sight gives me the ability to see God’s invisible revelations, such as, his love, his grace, and his holiness.  These revelations are most important.  With God, the light shines out of the darkest place.  I can see the light, and this light shines bright.  God is the light, and with him, there is no darkness. 

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