Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What's Jesus Doing?

Stop right there Jesus! This baptism is only for sinners! For those who have sinned!  For those who need to repent!  These sinners need to be washed clean!  But not you Jesus!  You’re the sinless Son of God!  What are you doing Jesus! Don’t step any further!  This river is surrounded by filthy sinners!  The water has been contaminated with their sins!  You shouldn’t be here Jesus!  You don’t belong here!  Jesus didn’t listen.  He goes and does something incredible.  He steps right into that filthy water.  It has been infected with every kind of sin imaginable.  You name it and Jesus is waist deep in it.  Jesus stands in sin-infested water without anything to protect him.  In result, Jesus becomes completely covered by all of the sins.  It’s like he’s wearing the sins of all of the sinners.  We would never do anything like this.  And yet Jesus does it.  Because of his baptism, his body is soaking up all the sins like a sponge.  It’s amazing that these very sins were carried all the way to Calvary! 

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